Thank You, SCCE Attendees

It was a pleasure meeting so many wonderful people at last week’s SCCE Conference in Las Vegas. Merit Leadership is the new and exciting name in the world ethics and corporate compliance. As we shared at our SCCE booth, Merit Leadership believes in two important principles:

1. ‘checking’ the ethical compliance checkbox at work won’t change a thing.
2. ethics is a skill that can be learned!

Now that the SCCE Conference has concluded, we want to connect with YOU and discuss our groundbreaking programs that will transform the ethics culture at work. Using proven principles and lessons from The Business Ethics Field Guide, Merit Leadership provides the following products to our valued customers:

-Exercising Ethics (the newest and coolest grassroots method of improving ethics)
-Leadership Training

We will be reaching out soon so that your company can put our skills to the test! In the meantime, please visit our blog to read more about ethics in the news (and in our book): News Page

-Doug & Emily Stallings, Merit Leadership Team
1 (952) 426-8425