Invigorate teams through ethics.

Corporate Training Workshops

Companies want ethical people working for them, so why not give your people the skills for ethics? Training people to make better ethical choices isn’t the same as just training them on policies and procedures. Ethical behavior comes from the right blend of skills, culture, and character. Effective training enhances all three of these things, and without it, good people can make bad choices.

Merit Leadership specializes in ethics as a skill and ignites innovative ethical discussions in the workplace through customized workshops that engage professionals at all levels. Based on the research and strategies of The Business Ethics Field Guide, these trainings meet a wide range of mandatory ethics training requirements, plus make an outstanding onboarding tool for new employee training. These valuable workshops encompass similar strategies and lessons as Exercising Ethics, but incorporate meaningful conversations among employees that invoke a broader impact in ethical decision-making.

Follow-up training workshops are available as an inexpensive option, either on a monthly or quarterly subscription basis. Each training includes a copy of The Business Ethics Field Guide.

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Training: The Business Ethics Field Guide

We integrate ethical discussions into work utilizing fun and captivating exercises that are tailored to your workplace needs. Together, we focus on specific ethical dilemma exercises and discussions that challenge and educate employees. We also provide key insights and direction on developing a culture of ethics that influences every aspect of your organization. This thorough feedback empowers team members at all levels.

Merit’s unparalleled approach to teaching ethics utilizes the findings of The Business Ethics Field Guide and includes the following benefits for our clients:

  • one-on-one consultation with leaders to customize each training and set an ethical tone that invokes consistent organizational values
  • exercises to help employees recognize and manage ethical dilemmas, including the most common dilemmas identified by our research
  • discussions on how to use the Ethics Toolkit to make better decisions
  • strategies to implement Field Guide principles in the face of a dilemma
  • comprehensive post-training assessment and analysis
  • frequent email updates