Strengthen culture through ethics.

Exercising Ethics

Flex those ethical muscles with Merit Leadership! Our proven Field Guide exercises are a simple approach to strengthen the ethical environment at work, empowering people to make better ethical decisions. Using brief and engaging dilemma exercises, combined with thoughtful discussion, we help companies blend ethics into their normal work routines and meetings. We integrate new and innovative ethics strategies into current organizational culture, helping teams and leaders improve their ‘ethical reflexes’ in the face of workplace challenges, walking them through the different steps that lead to sound solutions. Each customized exercise is based upon our extensive research and decades of experience.

“I liked that it brought us into a situation where we can easily discuss ethical decisions.”
-Exercising Ethics participant

Upon the completion of each Exercising Ethics program, Merit Leadership provides an in-depth assessment of your organization’s current ethical environment. Our thorough feedback also includes an ethical roadmap for moving ahead, suggesting directions on how to navigate future real-life dilemmas through sustainable ethical strategies. Contact us to get started now.

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