About Merit Leadership

Every day, good people make poor decisions.

We give people the tools and skills to make good decisions under pressure—decisions that avoid disaster and have improved long-term outcomes. Success comes with skill, and ethical leadership is a skill.

Merit was founded by the authors of The Business Ethics Field Guide as a way to help organizations put the principles and tools in the book to use in universities, businesses and organizations around the world.

The Business Ethics Field Guide,

The Essential Companion to Leading Your Career and Your Organization to Greatness

Merit is the home of  the definitive practical guide to ethical decision making. Written after years of study of hundreds of real-world dilemmas, it breaks down the universe of ethical challenges into 13 easy to navigate dilemma types. Then, it walks you through the approach you can take to get much better outcomes for yourself and for everyone involved.

We build ethical leaders and better decisions with consulting, training, keynotes and more.

We understand that Ethics is less about being a “good” person and more about making the right decisions in critical moments—and making good decisions requires training and skill. We help build those skills in leaders from the bottom to the top of your organization and help you protect legacies, build trust and turn peril into possibility.