Empower others through ethics.

Higher Education

Companies want to hire qualified candidates that have been trained in all areas of business management. Teaching students to make better ethical choices empowers them to confront and resolve such dilemmas in the workplace. Professors that incorporate the principles of The Business Ethics Field Guide will strengthen their students at all levels in their careers, from the seasoned professional to the recent graduate.

Notre Dame, University of Florida, Texas Tech, San Jose State, Fordham, and Brigham Young University are just some of the distinguished schools to incorporate The Business Ethics Field Guide into their academic curriculum.

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Continuing Education

Merit Leadership provides personalized trainings and seminars for professions  with continuing education requirements related to ethics. Whether you are hosting a large-scale event, or holding a workplace conference, we can provide the ethics training required for professionals of all levels. Contact us to discuss these options.


“A compendium of remarkable, real-life dilemmas that force readers to think and decide. World-class authors from both academe and the C-suite make this book a must-read.”
-Tom Donaldson | Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Professor in Ethics and Law

“This book is FANTASTIC! I love it. I want to use it in my MBA class. It offers a unique approach to discussing ethical dilemmas with students. The questions following each case highlight the nuances in ethical decision-making and Bill’s commentary adds a dimension of realism in the cases that students will appreciate.”
-Tara Ceranic Salinas  | Associate Professor of Business Ethics, University of San Diego

“Ethical dilemmas are part of the natural terrain in business, yet it is often hard to figure out a path from ethical theory to those practical realities. This Field Guide does that, starting from common ethical challenges that arise in business and then providing guidance based on examples and ethical theory.”
-Joshua Margolis | Harvard Business School, Professor of Business Administration

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