Bill O’Rourke at University of Nebraska

Bill O’Rourke at University of Nebraska: 

This past October, Bill O’Rourke (co-author of The Business Ethics Field Guide) returned to the campus of University of Nebraska–Lincoln to present at the annual State Farm Ethics Lecture held at the College of Business. His message of “Leading with Integrity” focused on how ethics operate in the real world around us.

More than 900 students and faculty learned about Mr. O’Rourke’s various positions held during his 36 years at Alcoa. His experience in ethical decision-making runs deep and qualifies him as a leading expert on the issue. He reminded students that for every company we see make the news for unethical reasons, thousands more stay out of the news for doing the right thing. When presented with the option of choosing between right and wrong in our careers, we must choose the right and protect our integrity!

Read the full article HERE. Then take time to watch the lecture on YouTube HERE. Mr. O’Rourke is available for academic and professional keynotes as part of the Merit Leadership team.