Ethical problems are like beasts in a jungle that can attack at any time. The Business Ethics Field Guide offers practical advice on how to steer clear of these beasts and how to confront them when they cannot be avoided.

Joanne Ciulla, President of the International Society for Business Economics and Ethics

Any cursory online search will reveal thousands of books and articles that try to help you become a better manager or a better leader. According to many of these texts, managing involves planning and budgeting, organizing, controlling, problem solving, and communicating; while leading means establishing direction, aligning people, motivating and inspiring them, and creating change. In this book, we propose a third set of skills that are often neglected but are just as essential for effective leadership: the ability to clarify individual and organizational values and to find a way forward when these values conflict. This book will help you develop those skills and apply them in your organization to become a better leader.

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