Appeal to Higher Loyalties

Appeal to Higher Loyalties For this next post in our rationalization series, we will address “Appeal to Higher Loyalties”. The Business Ethics Field Guide describes this principle in the following manner: “Ethical dilemmas often require you to choose one value over another. This makes appealing to your higher loyalties a particularly effective neutralization technique. You’ll …

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Condemnation of Condemners

Condemnation of Condemners: As the fourth installment in our series of posts dissecting the techniques of neutralization, we will address “condemnation of condemners”. As defined in The Business Ethics Field Guide, “condemnation of condemners” refers to finding fault in the entities or people who might criticize us. To understand this concept better, here are some …

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The Separation Fallacy

The Separation Fallacy A recent article on the MIT Sloan Review website discusses the role of ethics in business transactions for both the customer and the salesperson. Do we ever consider ethics when making a transaction ourselves? Yes, quite often we do. But do we call upon our ethics in all transactions – or just …

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